“Worst Of Fights”: ‘Roadies 19’ Gang Leader Prince Narula Addresses Rumours Of Rift With Gautam Gulati, Rhea Chakraborty

Prince Narula opened up about his equation with fellow MTV ‘Roadies 19’ gang leaders, Gautam Gulati and Rhea Chakraborty.

Nitika Sharma
Written By: Nitika Sharma
Updated: June 08, 2023 | 16:26 IST
Prince Narula
Prince Narula opened up about his equation with fellow MTV ‘Roadies 19’ gang leaders.

The long-running MTV reality show ‘Roadies’ returned with an all-new season this June. For the unversed, last season MTV ‘Roadies’ saw a format change with the gang leaders going away, and Bollywood actor Sonu Sood stepping into Rannvijay Singha’s shoes. However, Prince Narula recently returned as one of the gang leaders of the show for its latest season ‘Roadies: Karm Ya Kaand’. The original ‘Roadies’ gang leaders – Neha Dhupia, Raftaar and Nikhil Chinapa, didn’t return, instead Rhea Chakraborty and Gautam Gulati debuted as the new mentors. 

For a while now, Prince Narula has been making headlines for his clashes with fellow ‘Roadies 19’ gang leaders Gautam Gulati and Rhea Chakraborty. It was previously reported that the actors even refused to shoot with each other. 

Prince Narula has now finally broken his silence on the matter, talking to The Indian Express about the rumours of rift. 

Addressing his equation with the new gang leaders, Prince Narula admitted that initially there were a few hiccups. 

He said, “Unko mujhe samajhne mein, and mujhe unhe samajhne mein time laga. This is just a show for them but it’s an emotion for me. Earlier, we would have the worst of fights but no one got personal. We were so involved that we would get loud but that never meant we were disrespectful towards each other.”

Prince Narula added, “The new ones on the show would take time to adapt to the format and the personalities. However, I have always believed in mutual respect, and would do so. Baaki unko samajhna padega yeh show hai kya.”

Recently, there were also rumours of Prince Narula and Rhea Chakraborty having an argument on the set, with them storming off. 

Talking about it, Prince Narula said, “If there are articles on so many small topics, what do I do? I think when they watch the show they will realise what happened. I am mature enough to handle the show and what it demands. I am all good.”

Prince Narula, who started his journey in the showbiz world by participating in ‘Roadies X2 and winning it, also confessed that he missed his original fellow ‘Roadies’ gang leaders – Neha Dhupia, Raftaar and Nikhil Chinapa. 

He shared that with the maturity level they shared, the understanding was on a different level. 

“You guys have seen Neha and me fight, she would never call me battameez (impolite). It’s all in that moment, the show is such. If Kohli (Virat Kohli) is not aggressive on the field, he’ll never be himself. He loves the game, and similarly we love the show. If others cannot understand that, I cannot change myself,” Prince Narula said. 

Prince Narula also shared how he feels “good” to be back as the show is really important to him. 

“This is the platform that makes so many people’s dreams come true. I would never want the show to get affected, and thus as many times as I am asked to come back, I would. Roadies is really an important show for me,” he said. 

Apart from winning ‘Roadies 12’, Prince Narula has also won MTV ‘Splitsvilla 8’, ‘Bigg Boss 9’ and ‘Nach Baliye 9’.

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