'Anupama' Episode Recap: Maya Tells Kavya About Her Feelings For Anuj

'Anupama' Episode Recap: Maya seems to be stirring the pot and things could get quite messy.

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Updated: March 01, 2023 | 10:20 IST
Here's what happened in the latest episode of 'Anupama'.

'Anupama', starring Rupali Ganguly, is one of the most beloved shows these days and fans cannot wait to see more and more drama. In today's episode, we saw the equation between Anuj and Anupama taking a definitive turn, and we also see Maya revealing to Kavya about her actual feelings for Anuj. However, if you somehow missed the episode, we have you covered!

Here's what happened in the latest episode of 'Anupama'. Read on to know more 

As the episode starts, we can see Anuj trying to comfort Anupama by saying she should not get bothered with what people are saying to her about their relation. Anupama then says that she has never seen a man like Vanraj as he keeps on flipping. She also says that Vanraj can never respect a marriage.

Anupama also says that she just goes to Vanraj's house just to meet the kids, otherwise she will never go there. Anupama then tries her best to get Anuj to speak up about what happened between him and Maya at the picnic, but Anuj somehow manages to not tell her. 

In a different scene, we can see Maya thinking that Anuj definitely feels something for her. She also thinks that Anuj took a stand for her, by allowing her to come to the picnic. As Maya is thinking all this, she ends up getting a call from Kavya. 

Kavya then tells Maya that Vanraj has not moved on from Anupama, and this makes Maya happy and she confides in Kavya, about her feelings for Anuj. Listening to all this, Kavya is left stunned and shocked. 

Kavya then tells Maya to understand the relationship between Anuj and Anupama and she also says that the duo are inseparable. Maya then declares that she will write her own destiny and no one can tell her what to do and what not to do. 

At the office, Anuj gets angry at his employee for making a bad presentation. Then we can see Ankush confronting Anuj, asking about what happened between him and Maya at the picnic. 

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