Did You Know - Educational Qualifications Of Bollywood Stars, Past And Present

A recent remark by actor Kajol about politicians lacking education brought forth a stereotype about Bollywood being full of uneducated people making it big by sheer dint of luck and family ties.

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Updated: August 13, 2023 | 11:00 IST
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Did you know about these educational qualifications of your favourite Bollywood stars?

A recent remark by actor Kajol about politicians lacking education brought forth a stereotype about Bollywood being full of uneducated people making it big by sheer dint of luck and family ties. Widespread impression, even among cine-goers and people at large persists – that education and the glamour world do not gel. 

Did you know that a film career does not evoke the horror and social stigma of the past? Exceptions apart, it has come a long way since it had un-schooled and untrained boys and girls from families of professional musicians, many forced into it while still in their early teens.  True, writers and technical hands are more educated. But actors also come after graduation, at least.

Of the film-makers, we had legendary Mehboob Khan whose 'Mother India' was the first Indian film to win an Oscar nomination. He fled home while still at school and struggled way up. On the other hand, Ramanand Sagar who made ‘Ramayan’ was among the most educated of his era.

Exceptions, again. Prithviraj Kapoor was a graduate. But none of his sons went to college. They dropped out in schools and grew into cinema. Shashi Kapoor was the most suave, with a British wife. But records make no mention at all about his education.

More exceptions. Balraj Sahni, I S Johar, and the three Anand Brothers – Chetan, Dev, and Vijay – were all graduates. Of the more recent lot, Deepak Tijori once claimed to be the “most educated” with M.Com and LLB degrees.

Take the A-listers, Amitabh Bachchan is a Delhi University graduate. He has an honorary doctorate, Ph.D. from the Queensland University in Australia. Shah Rukh Khan who graduated but couldn’t complete post-graduation in media studies. He, too, has an honorary Doctorate from La Trobe University. But the other two of the “Khan Troika”,  Aamir Khan and Salman Khan are self-taught!

Post-graduates abound in Bollywood. They include John Abraham, Vidya Balan Ayushmann Khurrana. Of the girls, Ameesha Patel has a degree from America’s Tufts University, while Parineeti Chopra graduated from Birmingham.

The Ali Khans of Pataudi family are all educated, but did you know that Sharmila Tagore, the Big Mama dropped out of the school in Kolkata? Saif, Soha and Sara – the Ali Khans are all British educated. Sara went to Oxford!

Kay Kay Menon graduated in Physics from Mumbai and holds an MBA degree in the Department of Management Sciences from the University of Pune.

Varun Dhawan has a brawny, ‘desi’ look, but he has a degree in Business Management from the Nottingham Trent University, UK. Randeep Hooda finished his graduation in Marketing and post-graduation in Business Management and Human Resource Management from Australia.

Vicky Kaushal did engineering before entering Bollywood, while Disha Patani has a B.Tech in Computer Science from Indore. Richa Chadha graduated from St. Stephen’s College in Delhi and her post-graduation was in Mumbai. Anushka Sharma, Kriti Sanon, and Sonam Kapoor Ahuja are graduates. The factor that weighs with many of the girls is that they begin as fashion models while still at school and find it difficult to continue higher studies.

Reflecting the generational change is Shruti Haasan. She made up for the loss of education that her mother Sarika suffered, having been exploited as a child artiste even before her schooling began. Shruti studied psychology at St. Andrew’s College, Mumbai but focused on music and cinema and moved to Musicians Institute in California.

Need we add more to the list to educate the society’s ‘uneducated’?

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