Watch Video: Huge Physical Fight Breaks Out Between Abhishek Kumar, Sunny Arya Inside 'Bigg Boss 17' House. Watch

'Bigg Boss 17': In the latest episode, Abhishek Kumar and Sunny Arya were involved in an ugly physical altercation.

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 Wednesday October 18, 2023
Abhishek Kumar and Sunny Arya have an ugly fight in 'Bigg boss'
'Bigg Boss 17': In the latest episode, Abhishek Kumar and Sunny Arya were involved in an ugly physical altercation.

'Bigg Boss 17' premiered on Sunday night, and within three days, the show has seen a number of fights. In the latest entertainment news, Abhishek Kumar gained the spotlight in the newest episode of 'Bigg Boss 17' as he got into an ugly physical altercation with Sunny Arya. It all started with Abhishek Kumar mentioning something about Arun Mashettey's farting issues. For the unversed, Arun Mashettey had confided in Abhishek about his problem, and he was not pleased when he found out that Abhishek told this to other contestants inside the house. 

This led to a huge argument with Arun Mashettey and Abhishek Kumar. Sunny Arya then got involved, and he tried to calm things down. However, Abhishek Kumar was in no mood to listen, and as things went on, Abhishek ended up having a physical fight with Sunny Arya. 

Abhishek even went on to pick up a chair to throw at Sunny Arya, however, other contestants intervened in time to calm things down. However, Abhishek ended up accidently hurting Feroza Khan.

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'Bigg Boss' then came in between and he reprimanded Abhishek Kumar. A warning was issued, saying if Abhishek continues to do so, he would be the first contestant to leave the show.

Abhishek Kumar then ended up apologising for his violent outburst. 

Earlier, during the season premiere on Sunday, ex-lovers Isha Malviya and Abhishek had opened up about the differences and issues they faced, when they were seeing each other. 

Isha also claimed that Abhishek was violent towards her, leaving Salman Khan shocked. 

"Kisi ke sath physically violent hona is not something I am gonna tolerate," said Isha.

Talking about 'Bigg Boss 17' nominations for the first week, actress Mannara Chopra, Navid Sole and Abhishek Kumar are in the danger zone this week. 

'Bigg Boss 17' premiered on October 15, and it airs from Monday to Friday at 10 PM.

The Weekend Ka Vaar episode will air on Saturday and Sunday. The show can be watched by the audience on Colors TV and JioCinema.

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