Did You Know: Aamir Khan Auditioned For Ravi Kishan's Role In 'Laapataa Ladies'

Did you know that Aamir Khan auditioned for Ravi Kishan's role in 'Laapataa Ladies'?

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Updated: February 11, 2024 | 11:00 IST
Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao
Did you know that Aamir Khan auditioned for Ravi Kishan's role in 'Laapata Ladies'?

Aamir Khan's second ex-wife Kiran Rao is awaiting the release of her upcoming directorial 'Laapataa Ladies', which is slated to release in theatres on March 1. The entire cast comprises newcomers, and there is only Ravi Kishan who is a known face to the audience. But did you know that Aamir Khan initially wanted to be a part of the film, and he even auditioned for a role? Yes, you read that right. Aamir Khan had auditioned for the role that eventually went to Ravi Kishan. Kiran Rao recently revealed that she did not cast Aamir Khan because he carried star baggage to the character.

While speaking to news agency ANI, Kiran Rao said, "Aamir loved the character and auditioned for it as well. But I felt that since he is a star, there would be more expectations from the character if he were to essay that role. Aamir was bringing star baggage to the character." 

"So, we wanted someone so fit for the role that you cannot make out what he does next. Ravi Kishan is amazing, I felt that there could not be a better 'Manohar' than him," she added.

Kiran Rao then also spoke about why she thought casting a star will not be a good idea for the story in the first place.

"In a way, Aamir helped a lot because he supported the idea of having fresh actors so that the viewers are pleasantly surprised and find some new things in the character and what Ravi Kishan brings to it," she said. 

"When you see stars, you understand that this is a hero and that is a villain. However, we had to keep the suspense till the end," she added.

For the unversed, 'Laapataa Ladies' stars Nitanshi Goel, Pratibha Ranta, Sparsh Shrivastava, and Chhaya Kadam in lead roles.

The film revolves around two brides who end up being separated during a train journey and how it leads to a police officer (Ravi Kishan) probing the missing case. 

'Laapataa Ladies' is being presented by Jio Studios, and it has been produced under the banner of Aamir Khan Productions and Kindling Productions.

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