Uorfi Javed Goes Bald? Her New Pic Leaves Netizens Shell-Shocked, They Wonder If It’s A Filter

Has Uorfi Javed really gone bald? Well, her recent picture might make you believe she has, but we think otherwise.

Nitika Sharma
Written By: Nitika Sharma
Updated: May 13, 2024 | 17:23 IST
Uorfi Javed
Uorfi Javed shares a shaved head picture.

When it comes to pushing fashion boundaries, social media sensation and actress Uorfi Javed stands out as a true creative genius. From making a dress out of combs to designing a skirt using wristwatches and even rocking an ensemble made of mobiles, Uorfi Javed constantly surprises and delights as a fearless and experimental fashionista. Uorfi Javed's fashion sense is characterised by her bold style statements and innovative styling techniques. Despite being heavily trolled for most of her outfits, Uorfi Javed has turned a deaf ear to the criticism and continued with her fashion experiments like a pro.

While Uorfi Javed usually makes headlines for her out-of-the box outfits, this time it was her hair that caught everyone’s attention. Uorfi Javed, who has over four million followers on her Instagram account, shared a bald picture of herself.

Check out Uorfi Javed’s Instagram video below:


A post shared by Uorfi (@urf7i)

In the selfie, Uorfi Javed can be seen sitting in a car, wearing a pink top. Eagle-eyed fans pointed out that Uorfi either used a filter or photo-shopped her picture since a part of her hair was visible near the shoulders in the selfie.

While it looks like Uorfi Javed hasn’t gone bald, she certainly took the internet by storm and left her fans shocked.

One person wrote, “Bata do yeh filter please.”

Another added, “I hope it’s only a filter.”

Another person added, “Wtffff woahhhhh did u actually do this?”

One comment read, “Worst editor lambe bal dikhra hein.”

Another added, “Filter hai piche ke Baal dikh raha hai.”

“Filter hai guys,” another comment read.

One user said, “Filter jis ko lag raha hai like karo. Filter hai.”

Meanwhile, on the work front, director Dibakar Banerjee recently revealed that Uorfi Javed will be seen in ‘Love Sex Aur Dhokha 2’. The actress will have a cameo in the film.

Speaking about Uorfi Javed’s role in the film, Dibakar Banerjee told Zoom TV, “I love Urfi’s virtual avatar. She challenges you up front. The way she dresses, the way she exposes and hides her attitude, I like it. I held a meeting with her then. It seems like no one has ever said these things to her. She has a guest appearance in the film but I am sure she will get lead roles someday. But I love Urfi’s personality.”

Opening up about the scene, the director added, “We had this scene and Urfi was in a different mood that time. It’s a long scene with no cuts and Urfi is just stripping. That will be worth seeing. I love that scene.”

While Uorfi Javed is set to play a crucial role in the film, ‘Love Sex Aur Dhokha 2’ is headlined by Paritosh Tiwari, Bonita Rajpurohit, and Abhinav Singh.

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