‘Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2’ Episode Recap, 16 March: Big Advice For Raghav

‘Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2’ Episode Recap: Prachi asked Raghav to partner with Josh for a new project. Raghav agreed and signed a partnership deal with LK’s company.

Nitika Sharma By Nitika Sharma | 17-03-2023
BALH episode recap

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2: Prachi asked Raghav to partner with Josh for a new project.

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‘Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2’ is leaving no stone turned to keep the viewers glued to every episode. The audience have witnessed a lot of twists and turns in the last few weeks. The show, which recently took a 20-year leap and saw the lead stars Nakuul Mehta and Disha Parmar’s exit, has taken yet another leap, moving three years forward now. The shows focuses on Ram (Nakuul Mehta) and Priya’s (Disha Parmar) daughters – Prachi and Pihu, played by Niti Taylor and Pooja Banerjee, respectively. 

BALH 2’ also stars Ranndeep Rai as Raghav and Leenesh Mattoo as Angad. The current track of the show follows Raghav’s return as a successful architect after he was thrown out of the Kapoor mansion three years back. Pihu (Pooja Banerjee) and Angad (Leenesh Mattoo) moved out with Raghav and built a company with the name “ARP”. 

Here’s what happened in ‘Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2’ Episode 404:

The episode starts with Kiara making a toast, while everyone settles down at the dining table with Prachi and Raghav coming downstairs. Prachi and Josh sit together, Raghav joins Pihu and Angad while Kiara congratulates Raghav for becoming successful over the past three years.

Josh asks Prachi to come with him as they need to talk and takes her aside to the bar counter to apologize for his conversation with Samaira. Josh tells Prachi that Samaira is mad about not getting the chance to work with their company and is acting like that intentionally.

Prachi does not seem convinced by Josh’s words after which Josh changes his tone and talks about how he is stressed and tired of worrying about the company.

Josh tells Prachi what they will do if the company goes bankrupt as he wants to take her on honeymoon with his own money and not with his parents’ money.

Josh says that ARP needs funding from a construction company, but they will reject the proposal if Josh takes it to them. Prachi gets shocked as Josh asks her to propose the deal to Raghav but stops midway saying it is a bad idea to make Prachi feel guilty.

Prachi agrees to do whatever Josh wants and they share a loving hug with each other, which Raghav watches from a distance and leaves with Pihu and Angad.

Later that night, Raghav is busy with his architectural drawings when Prachi appears at the door. She is completely drenched in from the rain.

Prachi says that she loves Josh and needs a bit of help from Raghav, to which Raghav says that he is ready to partner with Josh for the deal. 

Prachi gets happy to hear that and leaves the house while watching Raghav inside working and not sparing a second glance at her. The next day, Aditya and Vikrant arrive at the office where Raghav, Pihu, and Angad check the contract papers for their partnership with LK’s company.

Aditya asks Angad if he is doubting his father’s work and starts chasing him around the office making everyone share a laugh.

However, before Raghav signs the papers, LK says that he wants to talk to Raghav privately after which everyone leaves. LK tells Raghav that he did a great job in building himself and the company but asks him to not run it blindly because of love.

Raghav says that he is not the old version of himself who did everything for his emotional needs, now he only loves his works and has taken the decision logically. LK signs the papers and shakes Raghav’s hands as his business partner and tells him that he will need luck from now on.

Pihu and Angad ask Raghav why they are signing a deal with LK’s company but Raghav ignores them and goes to get coffee where he bumps into Prachi and Josh.

Josh promises Prachi a dinner date where they shall discuss the marriage date now that the contract is with them.

Later, Angad and Pihu ask Raghav to confess that he made this deal for Prachi but Raghav explains that he accepted the deal to cut off their competition.

Angad asks Raghav if he had such a strategic idea when Prachi appeared at his work studio the last night asking for help.

And with this, the episode comes to an end. Stay tuned for our daily recap of ‘Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2’ episodes. 

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