Cinema Theatres To Remain Closed In Kerala For 2 Days. Here's Why

The movie theatres in Kerala will remain closed for 2 days. Read on to know about the reason.

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Updated: June 07, 2023 | 16:11 IST
KJS Dhillon
The movie theatres in Kerala will remain closed for 2 days. Read on to know about the reason.

The Film Exhibitors United Organisation of Kerala (FEUOK), representing the theatre owners has announced that they would be holding a protest by closing theatres in the state for two consecutive days, June 7 and 8. As per the Indian Express, the decision has been taken because of film personalities opting for early releases of their movies on OTT platforms. As per several reports, the producers of Malayalam films are granted permission to release their projects on OTT platforms after a 42-day gap from its initial theatrical release. 

However, FEUOK is claiming that the certain filmmakers are disregarding the agreed-upon terms and attempting to release their movies earlier.

“Due to our firm stance, viewers had the opportunity to watch Marakkar: Arabikadalinte Simham in theatres. While Marakkar had its online premiere after 15 days of its theatrical release, we did not permit any other film to follow suit before completing 30 days," the Indian Express quoted FEUOK president K Vijayakumar as saying. 

"There were attempts made by certain people to introduce the practice of simultaneous theatrical and online releases. They are associated with an international lobby and receive support from influential producers and stars. However, we resisted this move, which compelled them to abandon their plans,” he added.

K Vijayakumar has also criticised actors owning production houses, accusing them of endorsing and being driven by greed.

“Engaging in such behaviour is ungrateful. Since these actors assumed the role of producers, they have actively endorsed the practice of releasing their movies on OTT platforms shortly after their theatrical releases. They hold full responsibility for the decline of the business," he said.

“The current strike has been declared as a warning. If our demands are not met within 20 days, we will initiate an indefinite strike, resulting in the complete closure of our cinema halls," he added.

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