Watch: DJ Khaled Brutally Trolled After Asking Security Guards To Carry Him To Protect His Air Jordans

A video is going viral in which DJ Khaled can be seen being carried by his security as he didn’t want his Air Jordan shoes to get dirty.

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Updated: February 26, 2024 | 17:40 IST
DJ Khaled
A video is going viral in which DJ Khaled can be seen being carried by his security.

Who doesn't want to own a pair of Air Jordans? The basketball shoe range is arguably one of the best going around, however, everyone cannot afford the uber-popular brand. DJ Khaled loves his Air Jordans, and it is no surprise. DJ Khaled often brings out his hilarious side on the internet, and in the latest entertainment news, a video is going viral in which DJ Khaled can be seen trying to protect his Air Jordan shoes. 

In the viral video, the 48-year-old DJ Khaled was about to leave his car but suddenly he decided to stop midway after he remembered that he is wearing Air Jordans. 

DJ Khaled then asked two of his security guards to carry him to a mini truck. 

"I don’t wanna get my Jordans dirty… Can’t mess up with the J’s… We feeling nice," said Khaled. 

The guards then helped him all the way to the stage. 

Watch the video here:

However, this video has not pleased the internet, and DJ Khaled is now being brutally roasted on social media.

Here are some of the comments:

"Khaled is what I imagine lazy and greedy kings in the middle ages were like lol," wrote one user.

"I know their shoulder hurts," commented one user.

"dude is literally carrying the world on his shoulders," wrote one user.

Another user commented, "Bro just wear other shoes till you get to the stage."

"I don’t know, if I was going to perform on stage for a few hour set, I’d be concerned about getting sand in my shoes. However, don’t they have a cart or something like that," wrote one user.

Speaking of DJ Khaled, he is known for songs like 'I'm The One', 'All I Do Is Win', 'We Takin' Over', 'Welcome to my Hood', and 'Hip Hop'.

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